Monday, September 26, 2011



Eric said...


I think you mean Ray Comfort, not Ray Croft.

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Thank you, Eric. I will fix it. Glad someone has their thinking cap on. :)

Shauna said...

This is very powerful. I emailed it out as everyone should watch it. The one young woman (with blonde hair and the sunglasses) in particular was interesting to watch as you saw how the reasoning was effecting her as it played out. Also, I thought it was interesting, in a very scary way, the people who would 'obey a command to bury alive people to save their own skin' and who thought that burying them alive was 'better' (on their conscience) than shooting them first. Very instructive on how stunted actual thinking is amongst people. I'd like to think that we would have learned form History (as in Hitler), but I can see that is definitely not the case!

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...


I think the thing that sickened, or I should say shocked me the most, is that so many people seemed void of any love or compassion. It left me speechless. But it does say in the last days peoples hearts will wax cold.

I grew up in such an innocent time and era, and I trusted everyone, thought everyone was honest and good. Then I got a good dose of the depravity of man and our hearts deceitfulness.

Maybe this would be a good subject for an article. Let me think on it, I have a pretty busy day today. Will see!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Daniel Shepherd said...

Thank you for sharing the video.

Once a Christian reaches out into differing cultures within the world it is astounding what they discover... the ungodly perceptions and beliefs of the unsaved mind.

This video certainly brings this to bear.