Saturday, December 26, 2009


Bro Dan, good thoughts as usual, I moved your questions and comments from the goose story over to this section so we can discuss it better here.  Give me a chance to put together a response.  Btw, I am sorry I asked you to join SF, as of right now they are all in a tizzy over one thing or another, but would still love to see you join.

Daniel Shepherd said...
I had another thought to share about Christ loving His creation so much He became physically human so that we would be saved rather than perish.

This has a lot to say about the "goose" guy in the story. He at least was willing and wished he could become a goose so that the flock would understand he was there to rescue them from perishing. Yet he discovered that he couldn't, only another goose could save the flock. So he brought his personal pet goose to them to be their savior. Like the Father send His Son to save us.
Application... Ultimately, we too should be willing to be sent and become like one of the flock we are called to disciple and to help rescue them whether they be widows, orphans, sick, poor, etc...

Another words Christ's disciples must leave the comfort of their ivory tower "barn" and go out into the cold cruel world to walk in the shoes of the unsaved and less fortunate. They must resemble by making themselves of no reputation dwell, bond, and be willing to sacrifice their life on their behalf. Only then are disciples truly representative of Christ.

Not that disciples are not saviors but they help the One true Savior who is, like the goose man in the story helped gather the geese into the safety of the barn.

What say you?