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Bro Dan, good thoughts as usual, I moved your questions and comments from the goose story over to this section so we can discuss it better here.  Give me a chance to put together a response.  Btw, I am sorry I asked you to join SF, as of right now they are all in a tizzy over one thing or another, but would still love to see you join.

Daniel Shepherd said...
I had another thought to share about Christ loving His creation so much He became physically human so that we would be saved rather than perish.

This has a lot to say about the "goose" guy in the story. He at least was willing and wished he could become a goose so that the flock would understand he was there to rescue them from perishing. Yet he discovered that he couldn't, only another goose could save the flock. So he brought his personal pet goose to them to be their savior. Like the Father send His Son to save us.
Application... Ultimately, we too should be willing to be sent and become like one of the flock we are called to disciple and to help rescue them whether they be widows, orphans, sick, poor, etc...

Another words Christ's disciples must leave the comfort of their ivory tower "barn" and go out into the cold cruel world to walk in the shoes of the unsaved and less fortunate. They must resemble by making themselves of no reputation dwell, bond, and be willing to sacrifice their life on their behalf. Only then are disciples truly representative of Christ.

Not that disciples are not saviors but they help the One true Savior who is, like the goose man in the story helped gather the geese into the safety of the barn.

What say you?

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Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Bro Dan:

If you want to, go to SF and pull up my comments under “Are we becoming to heady for our own good.” It is under the theology section on page two. I will pull some of my comments about evangelism from my response there, albeit not the exact same discussion we are having here.

My approach here is not to debate on the necessity of being evangelical as to (where-logistics) we reach the lost for Christ, but on the importance of the effectual outcome of teaching people the simple gospel message, which is also THE primary purpose of evangelism. I don’t feel it is always about do we go to Africa, or Siberia and live out the life of an indigent missionary, but more about the practical application of seeing those, who we do come in contact with, and who hopefully convert to Christianity, come to a genuine understanding of the true word of God, and that we disciple them as effectively an we know how to. Once we catch a fish, whether it is from a pool of co-workers or in a remote area of the globe, what happens next is of primary importance. Also, I feel lost is lost, whether it is a Muslim millions of miles away over in Saudi Arabia, or my next-door neighbor, they both need to hear the good news. When God says,” And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Matt 22:39). That approximates loving someone right in our own back yard, and loving someone means we care enough about their souls destiny to evangelize them.

Excerpt from my comments on SF. “D.A. Carson wrote: “The blessing and incentive of evangelism is the presence of Jesus.” This statement to me has countless benefits, and meanings. I would add to D.A. Carson’s brilliant statement, “For ALL parties involved, the ones being evangelized and the ones doing the evangelizing.” The most seasoned Christian’s never out grow their need for Christ crucified, and we (ourselves) need to be reminded (evangelized on a DAILY basis) of the genius, the simplicity, of the simple gospel message. We need to keep drawing afresh on its amazing power.

Evangelizing the simple gospel message centers us in our theology; it brings us back to our center, which is Christ, because Christ IS centrality, everything centers, pivots, springs from and depends on Christ. Evangelizing unites us globally, socio economically, and cuts across all racial divides, uniting us in one body, one Spirit, one baptism, one faith, one hope, and one Lord, (Eph 4:4-5). Christ “IS” the fundamental doctrine of true theology.

That is why the Apostle Paul (I believe, said), “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified (1 Cor 2:2).”

More later, bro Dan, I have more to say but will be **maybe** Thursday. ….I am also on ITM talking about Adam and Eve being the first parents, Barb is up to the same ole, same ole again. It never ends……Dave is there, too, as Saved and Sure.

Sis Mary