Monday, October 3, 2011

False Prophets

Anyone coming here from Justin Taylor's blog, here is my final comment that did not make it in before he closed the thread down. 

The false teachers who have an extra WORD of knowledge (who do not speak for God), are surreptitiously drawing people slowly away from God’s revealed Word. It is more attractive, ear tickling, and flattering for us to hear something personally spoken about US, directly to US, that has been breathed-out by the very mouth of some self-appointed prophet. It gives these false prophets that Midas touch persona, that everything they say or do has that special je ne sais quoi, that intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive to others. And it holds the very words of God in complete contempt. Making their words on an even par with God’s Word.

Oh, dear friends, I warn of the susceptibility of the artifices of satan, who would lead you here or there, and tell you that this and that false Christ speaks new revelations. That their words are matched in purity, matched in unassailability, matched in worthiness, matched in solemnity, matched in holiness, and above all matched infallibly. After all, these descriptive words are the very words used to express the only words that have any real value to our souls, and they belong to the Triune, holy God, who is incapable of a lie.

Ask yourselves, do you believe the words spoken in vain by unfit diviners are A MORE SURE WORD, fitly spoken directly into the very real circumstances and bogs of your every day lives, and will they sanctify you, will they cleanse you from all unrighteousness, and inspire you to holy living? if not, if they do not stand the test of purity, throw the secondhand, artificially-spoken-jargon, to the dogs.