Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Seeker Sensitive Movement Al and RC


Cathy M. said...

Thanks for posting this video. I appreciate Dr. Mohler's comment about the term "seeker sensitive" being antiquated, but the idea is still very much with us. (That precious Dr. Sproul is such a gifted teacher, right?)

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Hi Cathy:

I agree with you about Dr. Sproul. He is like the patriarch of all these young reformed pastors, along with John MacArthur.

I like him for many reasons; he is a man who will not compromise the gospel. He was critical of those who signed the Manhattan Declaration and refuses to blur the lines of distinction by speaking his mind clearly on what the gospel has to say concerning justifified by faith alone. We need more pastors who share his convictions.

I particularly love his speeches/sermons on the holiness of God, also his book by the same title. He has done for the holiness of God what John Piper has done for the glory of God, that is bring to bear great emphasis on the subjects.

And he is also just so relatable, he seems like such a fun, nice and all around good guy: just that easy and relaxed.

Thanks for stopping by...:)

Daniel Shepherd said...

Hi Cathy and Mary,

I enjoyed reading your comments. Keep 'em coming. God bless. Daniel