Friday, November 27, 2009


Some preachers and teachers are stating that Paul was resurrected according to Acts 14.


A closer look we can conclude that Apostle Paul did not resurrect from the dead in Acts 14 nor does the Bible anywhere else suggest that he did. No legitimate Bible commentaries that I can find even hint at the possibility. Unlike Lazarus who was pronounced dead, placed in a tomb for four days, and resurrected by Christ (John 11:38-44), Paul possibly had just a near death experience but survived and was healed. A near death experience neither constitutes death nor resurrection.

Consider too, that when Paul was bitten by a deadly poisonous snake he survived when people expected him to die (Acts 28:1-6). They thought Paul must be a god because he did not die.

God’s faithful servants do not die as long as He has work for them to do. It wasn’t until Paul’s work was completed that he was presumably martyred by being beheaded in Rome.

What say you?

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Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Bro Dan:

I have never even heard of this before, but it does not surprise me. I know many Catholics believe the Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven, and any account of those who were taken directly to heaven, I think has been revealed, and we are not to assume anything of anyone else.

I believe he was born for his martyrdom; it made for a much stronger impact concerning his witness then if he had just been beamed up. :)

Have you been reading on the blogs about the Manhattan Declaration? Interesting, bro Dan.

Sis Mary

Daniel Shepherd said...

Sis Mary,You asked...
"Have you been reading on the blogs about the Manhattan Declaration? Interesting."

Yes, I know about the MD between Catholic's and Protestant's. The signer's include many well known Christian leaders.

I agree, it is interesting.

bro Dan

Daniel Shepherd said...


Thanks for your comment about Paul being resurrected.That he was born for his martyrdom.

bro Dan