Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is my video about abortion! Use your mind's eye!

Someone should come up with a video showing pictures of what an unborn child would have looked like had they been given a chance to live, like at the age of two, five, ten, sixteen, eighteen, etc. (they do this with abducted children)...And give him or her a name, a playground, a best friend, a first bike, a first birthday, a Prom, and make it real, make it hurt, make it sting; make it burn in our memories.

And give him or her a voice, their first words being, "mommy, daddy," their second words being, "I love you mommy and daddy." Have the child phone home after his first week in college and thank mom and dad for the struggles they went through just to make their future promising. And show how the aborted children could have comforted and cared for their parents in their old age had they been given the same chance to make it to that ripe old, beautiful, glorious age. And finally, show a child holding the hand of a sick and dying parent, who is ready to take his or her last breath, and let it be said, “You were the best mom I could have ever hoped for, dreamt for, or wished for, I love you so deeply, now close your tired, weary eyes and sleep, and I will meet you in heaven one day, and kiss the precious hands of Jesus for creating your special soul. I love you mommy!”

Abortion is a thief; it robs the young and the old!

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