Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Robinson Crusoe's Text

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Charles Spurgeon once preached a sermon on prayer and called it "Robinson Crusoe's Text."

Robinson Crusoe has been wrecked. He is left on the desert island all alone. His case is a very pitiable one. He goes to his bed, and is smitten with a fever. This fever lasts upon him long, and he has no one to wait upon him--none even to bring him a drink of cold water. He is ready to perish. He had been accustomed to sin, and had all the vices of a sailor; but his hard case brought him to think. He opens a Bible which he finds in his chest, and he lights upon this passage, "Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." That night he prayed for the first time in his life, and ever after there was in him a hope in God, which marked the birth of the heavenly life.

Robinson Crusoe's text was Psalm 50:15. It is God's way of getting glory for Himself-----Pray to me! I will deliver you! And the result will be that you will glorify Me!

Spurgeon's explanation is penetrating:

God and praying man take shares....First here is your share: "Call upon me in the day of trouble." Secondly, here is God's share: I will deliver thee." Again, you take a share--for you shall be delivered. And then again it is the Lord's turn---"Thou shalt glorify me." Here is a compact, a covenant that God enters into with you who pray to Him, and whom He helps. He says, "You shall have the deliverance, but I must have the glory..." Here is a delightful partnership: we obtain that which we so greatly need, and all that God getteth is the glory which is due unto His name.


Daniel Shepherd said...

Sis, This post is perfect to answer those who would ever doubt that a person isolated on an Island could ever be saved and have a personal relationship with Christ. I have learned a lot from the Rev. C. Spurgeon. He is one of my favorites.

Thanks and God bless.

Daniel Shepherd said...

Sis, also I wanted to add too, that Psalm 50:14-15 is one of my favorite passages. What a wonderful message in times of a personal "storm". Robinson Crusoe literally went through and was saved form a physical and spiritual storm. Thanks again, for sharing.

Ya know, each storm of suffering, pain, or fear we experience is a test of our faith (God allows for His good purposes), and then when Christ rescues us we glorify Him in thanksgiving and honor Him by gaining an increased and more steadfast faith (James 3:1). We, all to His glory and honor, get closer in a trusting and obedient relationship with Him.

"Sacrifice unto your Lord and pay your vows unto the Most High. Then you call upon Me in your time of trouble, for I will come and rescue you, and you will honor Me".

Do you think honor and glory is the same thing?

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Bro Dan:

Good question. I don't know for sure, but you cannot glory honor, but you can honor glory.

Then again, you can glory (in) honor, but only if that honor has an object....in the honor of something or someone.

Maybe I better quit while I am ahead, but let's think on this one? O'll be back with more comments a bit later, and I would like to address some of your other comments, as well.

In Christ,